Conduct in the Library

Silence must be observed at all times, even while entering and leaving the building. Mobile telephones must be switched off or put on ‘silent’ mode when entering the library. Group consultations are only permitted in the seminar rooms.It is NOT permissible to take any bags, packets and parcels into the library. If there is reasonable ground for suspicion, library and security staff have the right to search persons entering or leaving the library. Self-lock lockers are available outside the building. The lockers must be left empty at the end of the day. The security division cuts off all locks after the library has closed and the University does not accept any liability for items that may go missing as a result.  Bags, packets and parcels left lying at the entrance of the building will be deemed to be a security risk and may be destroyed without further notice.

Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the library.

No user is allowed into the Library if he/she is in any state of intoxication from the use of alcohol or any other narcotic substance.

  • Users are not permitted to use abusive and/or offensive language or gestures or any other type of harassing or offensive behaviour. This includes inappropriate dress or personal hygiene. Shoes must be worn at all times in the library.
  • Playing cards or other games is strictly forbidden in the library.
  • Users must be careful with the library materials and facilities. Whenever vandalism, improper use of the facilities, or theft is observed, access to, and use of, the facilities and/or the library can be denied. In the case of vandalism and/or damage, the costs will at all times be charged to the perpetrator.
  • The library accepts no liability for damage to, and/or theft of, the personal belongings of any persons entering this building. We suggest that you do not leave anything unattended as these may have to be removed and destroyed for security reasons.

These rules are not made to prevent users from using the library facilities, but rather to enable every client to access information and study in a congenial and quiet atmosphere. Library and security staff can request a user whose behaviour is offensive and/or causes inconvenience in any way to leave the library. They can also deny perpetrators access to the library for a certain period of time.

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