Short Loans

The Short Loans Section (also known as the “Reserve Section”) is located adjacent to the Circulation Desk. The section is used for materials which are in heavy demand by large groups of users to allow optimum usage of the material, e.g. books, book chapters, journal articles and past examination papers.

The following procedure is applicable when using Short Loan material:

Materials will be issued to users for a maximum non-renewable period of 2 hours. Material must be returned on time or overdue fines will be charged.

Short Loan material may only be used in the area designated for short loans and may not be removed from the short loans area, except for photocopying using the machines on the ground floor just outside the Short Loan area.

Academic staff may request special permission from the Director (LIS) to take out material relevant to their department from the Short Loan section on overnight loan or weekends.

NB: For assistance with any issues related to the Circulation Desk, Short Loans or ILL please contact Mr B. Mkhwanazi, ext. 6459,

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