Seminar Rooms

The seminar rooms in the library are available for use by registered University of Zululand students. There are 12 seminar rooms available for use on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately seminar rooms cannot be booked in advance. In the interests of attempting to ensure that as many users have access to the rooms as possible, groups of students may not use a seminar room for more than two hours at a time.The library has seminar rooms for group discussions. To access these, one must borrow a key at the Short Loans section.The following procedure applies:

  • Users must produce their valid UNIZULU identity card. A seminar room key will not be issued without the card.
  • The card will be kept for the duration of the time that the key is held by the student. Only when the student returns the key will the card be returned to the student.
  • No card swop will be permitted, i.e. the user who borrows the key must be the user who returns the key. The room will then be available to the next waiting group and not the same group of students.

The following rules must be observed by users of the seminar rooms:

  1. No more than ten (10) students may work in any seminar room at a time.
  2. The seminar room must be locked before the key is returned. Students may not return the key and keep the seminar room unlocked for extended use.
  3. Under no circumstances are students allowed to take furniture in and out of the seminar rooms.
  4. Discussions in the seminar rooms must be conducted in a reasonable tone and no loud voices will be tolerated. These rooms are not sound proof.
  5. A seminar room is available to a single group of students for no more than two hours at any one time.
  6. ALL library rules (except the talking rule) are applicable in the seminar rooms, i.e. No eating, drinking, smoking, etc. Please refer to the Behaviour Rules pamphlet for further details. Obscene behaviour will definitely not be tolerated.
  7. Students may not leave their belongings unattended in a locked seminar room. Protective services will be called to take these away.
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