Turnitin is web based software, which promotes academic integrity, streamlines grading and feedback, deters plagiarism, and improves students’ outcomes.

Access & Registration

  • Please, contact Mr Njabulo Zungu (zungun@unizulu.ac.za, 6081) for any queries related to Turnitin access/registration.


  • Please, contact your Faculty information librarian or Research support librarians for the training on Turnitin.

How to reset your password

  • To reset your password (within 48 hours) after registration, simply follow the instructions in the email sent by Turnitin.

How to add class and assignment

  • Log on to Turnitin with the username and pin
  • Create a class by clicking on green cross
  • Select ‘Standard class’, password (something easy to remember) and expiry date and submit. You may add as many classes as you would need.
  • Double click on the ‘Class’ and click ‘Add assignment’, click on ‘optional settings’ and select the appropriate options, click ‘submit’
  • After creating the class and assignment click ‘students’ and add the students (e.g. individuals or group) e.g. Claribel, Ncele, claribelncele@gmail.com

How to add Quick submit

  • Log on to Turnitin with the username (your email) and password emailed to you by Turnitin
  • Update your profile on the ‘Welcome to Turnitin’ screen by clicking on “User Info”
  • In “Account Settings” click “Activate “Quick submit” by selecting ‘Yes”  (“Quick submit “ button will be added to your menu options)

Submitting documents via Quick submit

  • log on to Turnitin
  • click on ‘Quick submit’
  • click on ‘Submit paper’
  • make selection in ‘Customize your search’
  • click ‘Submit’
  • fill in the requested information (e.g. name, title of the document)
  • click ‘Browse’ to find your file/document and click ‘Upload’ after finding the document
  • click ‘Go to Inbox’
  • click the paper’s Originality Report icon (under Similarity) in the report column. A ghosted

icon indicates that the Originality Report has not yet been generated (it takes 2-10 min.)

  • click on the percentage to view the originality report.

Other useful links

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